Is balding preventable?

Many people around the world are fighting baldness. It affects both women and men, although it is predominantly men who suffer from this problem. According to statistics, men lose hair on the head much more often than women. What is depressing is the fact that balding starts to affect younger people as well. Sometimes even teenagers notice the first signs of balding on their heads. Many of them ask what the cause of this problem is and how it can be stopped or limited. The factor that to a large extent influences the process of hair loss is a male hormone – dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Small amounts are also found in the female body, and this is the reason why women also suffer from minor hair loss.

prevention is better than cure? 

The factors essentially influencing hair loss are for example: severe infectious diseases, major surgery and the blood loss accompanying them, skin lesions and bad diet. Often, the use of hair beauty chemicals and treatments results in hair loss. Balding is a type of illness that just like other illnesses can be suppressed and should be treated. The achieved results and the type of treatment used largely depend on the factor that caused the process of hair loss. If the factor is quickly and properly recognized, good results can be achieved in a short time. Stopping hair loss is much easier than making lost hair grow again. Balding is treated at dermatology clinics. Currently, you can not only treat excessive hair loss, but you can also prevent it.

Androgenic balding, i.e. a male pattern balding, is the most common type of genetic balding. To treat it, pharmaceuticals that stimulate hair growth or block the process of testosterone transforming into dihydrotestosterone are used. The first effects of therapy are visible after only 2 to 4 months, however, in order to make the effects last the treatment needs to be continued for a much longer period of time and should not be stopped. It is also important to start the treatment quickly after the first symptoms of balding have been noticed. Only then the results are better and can be achieved quicker. When the treatment has been started, the process of hair loss can be entirely stopped and new hair growth can be stimulated.

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