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Are you feeling embarrassed by your thinning hair? Would you like to gain back your natural hair looks? Then you will actually love what Provillus UK has to offer. This is one of the most popular and highly effective hair loss treatment option. It strengthens hair, adds thickness, increase the volume and shine, makes hair to start looking healthier, regrows past hair loss and generally increases one’s confidence in their hair.

1. Buy Provillus in UK

Unlike other existing products, Provillus guarantees hair growth without any detrimental risk factors that may affect your health while under treatment. Both the Provillus for men and women are available in UK through the official Provillus UK website. No embarrassing doctor visits anymore. 

The Provillus for men is exclusively meant for men as it has more concentrated components and natural ingredients that boost up the hormones responsible for hair growth in men. This is the 100% natural way to fight hair loss by stimulating hair regrowth.  Click Here to Buy Provillus for Men.

The Provillus for women formulae is best designed with natural best enhancers for hair growth in women, hair regeneration and healthy hair growth. Its components are less concentrated and the primary ingredients it contains are clinically tested, FDA approved and clinically proven.  Click Here to Buy Provillus for Women.

All UK customers receive a 90 day money back guarantee and Provillus is available at an affordable price compared to the very expensive prescription based solutions. You should always use Provillus on a regular basis in order to avoid losing your newly grown hair. 

2. All About Provillus UK

This is a topical solution manufactured by Ultra Herbal that is majorly used to fight hereditary hair loss. It was originally introduced in the market as a drug meant for high blood pressure, but the clinical studies that were conducted afterwards showed that hair growth was a side effect. Because it wasn’t effective or successful as a blood pressure medication, it was released as an FDA-approved treatment for hair loss. 

Provillus is the brand name of minoxidil. Originally, it could be purchased only by a prescription but it soon became an over the counter hair loss treatment option available in two different strengths. The regular one, which is the 2% minoxidil and the extra strength option, which is 5% minoxidil. It is currently available for both men and women. 

The key elements of Provillus are effective in targeting the hair follicle and promoting healthy hair foundation. It is FDA approved and basically, it gets to the root of your hair loss problems. The solution is clinically proven to regrow hair in both men and women and is excellent in reversing the hair loss.

3. Provillus UK Review

Provillus UK is a highly popular product for hair loss among both men and women all over the world. This is because thousands of customers have tried our product and the results speak for themselves. Read the list of our reviews. Also, This short video explains why it works and why you should buy it today.

4. How Provillus Works

Provillus is effective in blocking the DHT (dihydrotestostrone), which is the major cause of hair loss. It creates the optimum environment for the new and healthy hair in just a few weeks and supplies the proper nutrition that revitalizes the hair follicles, which are believed to be shrunken so that they can increase in size. 
The supplied proper nutrition is also effective in bringing the dead hair follicles back to life and successfully prevent hair loss. It also increases the blood flow to all the areas near the balding section which stimulates hair growth. 

Since Provillus is a supplement, there is no prescription necessary for its use as a hair loss treatment option. The topical solution is applied to the scalp a few times each day and then followed by nutritional supplements which are taken orally and absorbed quickly to promote new and healthy hair growth. 

5. Hair Regrowth for Men 

If you are a man, you definitely understand the importance of having great hair. Thinning hair makes you look older and affects your self confidence. A high percentage of women also believe that a full head of hair is necessary for a sexy man. 
A full grown healthy hair actually represents your virile image and this is made possible by Provillus for men. It provides you with the best opportunity to regrow your own hair without having to undergo surgery or transplants. It’s high time put the hats away and feel proud of your natural hair. 

6. What Causes Hair Loss in Men

Generally, hair loss affects men of all ages. Approximately 50% of men suffer from hair loss and therefore, you are not alone. As we age, our bodies tend to stop making the vital nutrients required for healthy hair growth. However, Male Pattern Baldness is the main cause of hair loss in men. 
Male Pattern Baldness is a genetic trait known as Androgenetic Alopecia that is inherited from family members. If the older men in your family have a bald spot on their crown, it is likely that you will also have the bald spot.

Although hair loss problems in men are mainly caused by Male Pattern Baldness from the genetic traits, Provillus cannot change your genetic history, but if you consider using it as a treatment option, it will surely be effective in preventing your baldness naturally. It helps with the hormonal causes and regrows your lost hair both old and new. 

It is expertly crafted for men of all ages, which make it effective in reversing thinning hair for beautiful and thick strands. Provillus for men will revitalize your scalp as well as the newly created hair follicles with all the necessary minerals and vitamins they need to give you back your full head of hair. 

7. Hair Regrowth for Women 

Female Pattern Baldness affects approximately 1 out of every 4 women and this starts to show when women approach their menopause periods. Your beauty is defined by your original hair, and it is believed that a high percentage of men consider women with natural hair to be more sexy. Provillus provides you with the best opportunity to forget about the wigs and regain your natural hair by stimulating hair regrowth. 

8. What Causes Hair Loss in Women 

The main causes of hair loss in women fall under three different categories. These include the hereditary hair loss, hormonal surges as well as the hormonal imbalances in the female’s body. Hereditary hair loss is due to the Female Pattern Baldness, which is a generic train. If women in your family have thinning hair, then your hair loss is probably genetic. Provillus for women was designed with you in mind. The unique Provillus formulae is effective in re-growing your own natural hair. 

9. Ingredients in Provillus

  • · Vitamin B6 
  • · Zinc as Magnesium Oxide- 15mg
  • · Biotin- 5mg
  • · Saw Palmetto( Seronoa repens fruit)- 1500mg

Proprietary Blends;

  • · Nettle (Urtica dioica)
  • · Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima, seed) 
  • · Gotu Kola (Centella asiastica)
  • · Eleuthero Root (Eleutherococcus senticosus) 
  • · Muria Puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides)
  • · Uva-Ursi (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, root)

Other Ingredients

  • · Water
  • · Gelatin
  • · Rice flour
  • · Silicon Dioxide
  • · Maltodextrin
  • · Magnesium Stearate

10. Provillus Side Effects

Provillus has a natural composition and there are no known side effects, however, in some cases, a user may experience reactions from the ingredient minoxidil, which may lead to increased hair growth, slight scalp itching or irritation. You can get more information about it in our blog

Provillus does not appear to be highly effective for hair loss treatment option during cancer treatments. You should always ensure that you do not misuse Provillus as this can lead to dry skins, chest pain and dizziness, scalp redness as well as itching around the eyes. 

11. Summary

If you are sick and tired of loosing your hair and looking older than you really are, then there is no need to worry anymore. Place your order on Provillus today and begin the fight to look as young as you feel. It can be delivered to your doorstep upon placing your order. Your hair will stop falling out completely over time as Provillus really works and will actually surpass your expectations. This is indeed a great product and offers fantastic results.